Our Top 10 Fast Food Items


Josh Hoerner and Dom Cade, Authors

Dom and I ranked in the top 10 fast-food restaurants within a half hour.  We did it in a draft-style format.

  1. Josh Hoerner- Chick Fil A- Chick Fil A is just the goat.  There is no disputing it.  Even though they are so busy, the lines go by so fast.  The food is awesome, and their sauce is even better.  They even have milkshakes.  Always a go-to.  
  2. Dominic Cade- McDonald’s- At the number two ranking there’s no other possible solution than Mcdonald’s. The iconic fast-food chain has been a staple of America and, today, the world’s lives as a whole. Its quick food and (increasing) cheaper prices are why it sits in the top three of these rankings.
  3. Josh Hoerner- Chipotle- Chipotle is just elite.  The protein is perfectly cooked and always very seasoned and flavorful.  The rice and toppings are great for a bowl or burrito.  The only thing is I wish they gave me free chips.  
  4. Dominic Cade- Wendy’s- With chipotle out of the picture yet a couple of other tough comparisons to take this number four spot, the older, homestyle food selection and insane Frosties put this 1969 establishment in the top 5. 
  5. Josh Hoerner- Taco Bell- Taco Bell is always a go-to.  Taco Bell sweets are so underrated.  Not only that, they have the best beverage in the game with a Baja Blast.  Not only that, it is definitely cheap.  
  6. Dominic Cade- KFC- The Kentucky fried chicken produced at KFC may be a hit or miss, but usually they are on point. Their consistently changing menu that still contains the originals such as their iconic fried chicken is why this food chain makes the list.
  7. Josh Hoerner- Raising Cane’s- Canes is too far down on this list.  Their sauce and bread are so good.  The sauce makes the chicken so much better.  The drinks are elite, and the extra toast is always the way to go instead of cole slaw.  A little bit more expensive and the drive is a little farther, but it is worth it.  
  8. Dominic Cade- Dairy Queen- In my opinion, Raising canes is a tad overrated (but that is for another article). At the eighth spot, I have selected Dairy Queen due to its deserts alone. Its endless ice cream flavors and toppings along with its average food selection make the trip to DQ worth it.
  9. Josh Hoerner- Popeyes- Popeyes chicken is just fire.  You can’t go wrong with it.  The sides isn’t anything special and they don’t have awesome sauce options.  But, it is still a go-to for me any day.  
  10. Dominic Cade- Subway- This healthier fast food option is one of the few that has succeeded in the field over the past decade. It has grown to over 22,000 stores across the country, giving everyone the opportunity to eat quick, healthier food when in a time crunch.

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