Student Spotlight: Keara Mangieri


Carlee Miller, Author

Meet sophomore Keara Mangieri – softball, track, and cross country extraordinaire and honors student. I had the chance to get to know Keara this week! Enjoy the interview!
1. Do you have plans for after high school? What are they?
After high school, I would like to go to a college that has a Physicians Assistant program because one day I would like to become a Pediatric Physicians Assistant.
2. What is your favorite sport you play?
My favorite sport I play is softball.
3. What do you like most about that sport?
I love softball because you have a team who can pick you up if you make a mistake or are having a bad day and usually you have time throughout the game to make up for a mistake you or another teammate made.
4. Did having your recent leg injury limit your running? For how long?
Yes with my foot being hurt, I was unable to practice for about 5 days and because of that I was too out of shape to run in a big meet last Saturday, but I’m currently training for a race on Tuesday.
5. Is it hard to juggle being an honors student as well as someone who is involved in sports?
As one can imagine, it does sometimes get difficult to play multiple sports and also be in honors classes, but it is manageable as long as I don’t procrastinate and get all of my work done as soon as possible.
6. What is your current favorite class and why?
Math has always been my favorite because I understand math the best and I like the teacher.
7. Who is your current favorite teacher and why?
Mr. Mantinaos is my favorite teacher because I’ve gotten used to his style of teaching and just his classroom environment.
8. What are you looking forward to in the upcoming sports seasons and school year?
I am looking forward to hopefully making and getting further in the playoffs for softball this season.  I am also looking forward to having fun and doing different things in my classes as well as the different things that come with being on the student council. Thank you!!
Thanks for reading Canes!