Department Highlight: NC Sr. High Science


Savannah Freeman, Author

The Eye of the Hurricane highlights a school department in each edition. For our Fall Edition, we highlighted the New Castle Sr. High Science Department.

I had the opportunity to interview a few science teachers. Here are their responses :

(Q)When did you begin your teaching career? How long have you been teaching Science?


Mr. Quimby- 1993, 29 years

Mr. Bradley- I did my student teaching at Quaker Valley in 1995 and started teaching at New Castle in 1996, I’m certified in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and I’ve taught Science every year that I’ve been teaching.

Mr. Carley- I began teaching in 2001, filling a sabbatical position at NCASD, from there I went to Slippery Rock University from 2002 – 2004 full-time and returned to NCASD in 2004 and a total of 21 years between the high school, community college, and university levels.

Mrs. Harlan- I began in 2008, and this is my 15th year teaching chemistry


(Q)What do you like most about teaching Science?


Mr. Quimby- Interacting with students

Mr. Bradley- My favorite part of teaching is the “Ah ha!” moment when a student discovers or understands something new.

Mr. Carley- Completing laboratory activities with students and seeing their moments of “Ah-Ha”.

Mrs. Harlan- I love doing experiments with my students


(Q)What is the best thing about the Science department?


Mr. Quimby- Everyone in the department has a passion for teaching.

Mr. Bradley- The best thing about the science department is the people. Everyone is helpful and supportive.

Mr. Carley- We all work really well together, sharing ideas, equipment, and lessons.  We are all really good friends!

Mrs. Harlan- We all get along and help each other out!  We work well together.

Thanks for reading Canes!