How to Treat Your Skin Type

How to Treat Your Skin Type

Carlee Miller, Author

If you didn´t already know, everyone’s skin type generally falls under one of 4 categories – dry, oily, combination, or normal. Knowing how to treat your skin type is important for the overall health of your skin.

Dry skin can be flaky and/or have a rougher texture, oily skin is known for having a greasy look, and can make you more sensitive to breakouts. Combination skin is a mix of both dry and oily skin, but in different spots (ex. oily in the T-zone and dry on cheeks and temples) and normal skin is neither dry nor oily.

Here´s how to take care of each skin type:

Dry skin: Moisturize your face regularly. This includes morning and night and after showers. Using a humidifier can help as well. Make sure you´re using sunscreen to keep your skin from drying out because of the sun. Taking shorter showers can help too, spending too long in the shower can rid your face of its natural oils.

Oily skin: Moisturizing is still important, even with oily skin. Make sure you stay hydrated and wash your face regularly. If you wear makeup, make sure you´re taking it off at night to prevent it from clogging your pores.

Combination skin: Using a gentle cleanser is important- so you won´t irritate your skin. Using oil and fragrance-free products on your face is vital to prevent clogged pores. Natural products are preferred.

Normal skin: Stay hydrated- make sure you´re drinking plenty of water, especially on sunny days. Moisturizer and sunscreen are also needed, as with any skin type.

Make sure you´re taking care of your skin, especially with the Winter months coming up! Thanks for reading, Canes!