What Are The Top 10 Healthiest Halloween Candies?


Justin Byers, Author

With Halloween right around the corner, some people might be thinking healthy this year. If you are one of those people, this article is for you! Today, I rank my top 10 healthiest Halloween candies. To rank them, I took into consideration the sugar and fat levels in a single piece of candy. Let’s see what candies will make children on Halloween not so happy with you and get started with number 10.

10. Starburst

Starburst comes in at number 10 on this list. A starburst has 16g of sugar and 2.5g of fat.  16g of sugar is high, but it is saved by only having 2.5g of fat. However, I found that most candies have 0g of fat, so Starburst might find itself higher on my list if it can remove the fat.

9. 100 Grand Bar

A slightly older candy coming in at number 9. A 100 Grand Bar has 11g of sugar and 3g of fat. Not very 100 grand to me. It only has 0.5g more fat than the Starburst, but a 100 Grand Bar has way less sugar, which is why it’s at number 9 on my list.

T8. Twizzlers

At number 8, we have a less popular candy. Twizzlers have 13g of sugar and 0g of fat. Even if most kids nowadays don’t like Twizzlers, it has no fat, which is why it’s at number 8 on my list.

T8. Blow Pops

Also coming in at number 8 is Blow Pops. I’m sure everyone has fond memories of pretending to get married to your 3rd grade crush using Blow Pops. Childhood aside, Blow Pops also has 13g of sugar and 0g of fat, which is why it is tied with Twizzlers – even if Blow Pops are 100 times better than Twizzlers.

6. Airheads

Airheads come in at number 6. Airheads contain 11g of sugar and 0.5g of fat. Even with the fat, airheads still contain less sugar than the Blow Pops and Twizzlers.

T5. Nerds

Number 5 is nerds. I personally don’t eat Nerds, but a box of nerds contains 0g of fat and 11g of sugar. Nerds are really tiny, so if you only eat a hand full every hour or so, you won’t have much sugar. With Nerds having 0g of fat, it beats out Airheads but just barely.

T5. Jolly Rancher

Also, number 5, is every teacher’s favorite candy to give out as a reward candy. Yes, every teacher does give this out, it’s getting kind of old. Anyway, Jolly Ranchers have 11g of sugar and 0g of fat. However, this is for one Jolly Rancher and not the entire box like Nerds.

3. Heath Bar

The Heath Bar comes in at number 3. This is also more of an older candy and one I have personally never had. However, it comes very low in sugar, but it does have some fat. A Heath Bar has 4.3g of sugar and 2.2g of fat.

2. Smarties

A little surprise coming in at number 2. Smarties are never referred to as a “healthy candy” but it falls in at number 2. In a package of Smarties, Smarties have 6g of sugar and 0g of fat. It has slightly more sugar than a Heath Bar but with 0g of fat, it falls at number 2.

1. Laffy Taffy

At the long-awaited number 1, we have Laffy Taffy. In a single Laffy Taffy, there is 4.75g of sugar and 0.375g of fat. Even with a tiny bit of fat, the low sugar levels give Laffy Taffy the number one spot. Laffy Taffy might not be everyone’s favorite candy, but it is the healthiest candy currently on the market.