Catching up with Mr. Litrenta


Shelby Norris, Author

I had the privilege to sit down and talk with Mr. Litrenta, the Sr. High School Principal at the New Castle Jr/Sr High School. Let’s get to know a little more about him and see how his year is going!

Q-What College/Colleges did you attend?

I attended both Slippery Rock Rock University and West Minister College.

Q-What are your degrees in?

I hold a BA in History and a BS in Secondary Education in Social Studies. I have a Master’s in Education, a principal certification, and a superintendent letter of eligibility. 

Q-How is the school year going?

It is very busy with many changes. The Senior High side lost an assistant principal for a short period of time and we are supposedly hiring someone. There are new changes with the cell phone policy and restroom closures because of vaping issues. We have added a number of security guards to make the school a safer place and we have a new AFJROTC Program. 

Q- How long have you been a principal?

I became an assistant principal during the 03-04 school year and became head principal during the 11-12 school year. 

Q-What are some of the challenges of being a principal? 

One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with all of the changes that the Pennsylvania Department of Education makes concerning programs/initiatives such as Career Readiness, State Graduation Requirements (Act 158), Next Generation Science Standards, School Safety, and a whole lot of others.  Principals are required to learn about the changes and then educate their teachers and staff about them.
One of the main challenges concerning students is making sure every student is being presented with information about the importance of being successful in high school and how it could help set up their success in the future.  We want all students to achieve and be as successful as they can be!

Q-What is your favorite part of being a principal?

I still enjoy working with students. I love seeing students be successful, achieve their goals, and hopefully become responsible young adults someday! 

Thanks for the interview, Mr. Litrenta. We wish you a great school year.