Ways to Contribute During the Holiday Season


Maryn Sylvester, Senior author

It’s that time again when the holidays are right around the corner. Every grocery store is all ready for Christmas and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. This is when a lot of people feel the most joy because it’s the jolliest time of year! Unfortunately, the holidays aren’t always filled with joy and happy memories for everyone. A lot of people actually struggle a lot more during the holiday season. For instance, they could be low on money and cannot supply a thanksgiving dinner or Christmas presents for family, they might not have a home to spend the holidays in, or anyone to spend the holidays with, and so many other possible reasons why they might not be as lucky as you this upcoming holiday season. But there is something that can make them cheer up just a little and that is you! You could contribute in ways that would help out the community and these people tremendously and give them the best holiday they have had in a while. For example, you could start a food drive in your school or community. You must collect canned foods for a set amount of time and give them to your local homeless shelter. This offers many people meals that they didn’t have yesterday. Another thing you could do by yourself is to donate a bunch of your old belongings you don’t use anymore. By going through all your clothes and belongings and getting rid of what doesn’t fit you or you simply do not use anymore and donating them, you’re giving some clothes and belongings they didn’t have yesterday. An old piece of clothing or maybe an old toy of some sort can make someone’s day in an instant without you even realizing it. Another thing is to just donate money whenever you can. Simply rounding up your change at checkout or giving your loose change away to a charity can help tremendously. There are many other things you could do and ways you can contribute this holiday season. You always wanna give back and be kind because who knows, you could end up in a not-so-nice situation and would want someone to treat you with the same kindness you show them. Here are some traditional ways to help out this holiday season as well as some new ways!

  • start a food drive
  • volunteer at a food kitchen
  • donate to toys for tots
  • donate to charities
  • offer to buy a homeless person a meal
  • donate old clothes
  • donate old belongings
  • volunteer at animal shelters
  • adopt a family for the holidays
  • work with a woman’s shelter
  • the salvation army angel tree
  • leave a stranger a nice message
  • buy someone’s meal or groceries
  • volunteer work
  • donate blood
  • spread positivity

Thanks for reading Canes! Have a great holiday season!