Tom Brady’s Divorce


Corey Corbin and Dominic Cade

National Football League legend and arguably the greatest player of all time Tom Brady has just announced his divorce from his wife Gisele Bundchen, a fashion model, who has accumulated an estimated $400 million net worth. The thirteen-year relationship was just officially announced via Twitter through the original source himself, Tom Brady.

The debatable greatest player of all time, referred to sometimes as the “GOAT”, recently came back to the NFL just weeks after announcing his retirement which angered his wife immensely. The two’s relationship has struggled over recent years as Gisele has gone completely against Tom Brady continuing to play football so late in his career, as she was thinking about his future and how it would affect their children. 

The couple has two children together Benjamin and Vivian; and Tom has an older son Jack, a fifteen-year-old, who he had while together with his first wife Kathryn Moynahan.

It seems as though these marital problems off the field have been affecting Brady on the field, for he is not at the great status that he maintained throughout his entire career. The Buccaneers have started off the season 3-5, the first time Brady had dropped blew a .500 win percentage in his 23-year NFL career. It is not looking as though the 2022 year is looking too bright for Brady and his team, but the future is uncertain.