Business Week 2022


Dominic Cade, Senior Writer

New Castle Senior High School be hosting its annual Business Week starting on Monday, November 14th, and will be finished on Friday. All seniors will participate in this event, as they will be placed into groups amongst their peers to develop a product and attempt to sell that product in a simulated market.

Students will learn how to manage finances, hold and perform campaigns for their business as well as utilize teamwork to meet the one common goal of making a profit. The groups will undergo five different tests throughout the week, one each day. These tests include a trade show, and an advertisement in front of judges, amongst other tests that real businesses today must go through in order to be successful. 

The top group’s members will each receive a $100 prize for their hard work, but getting to that moment will come with a lot of creativity and statistical strain. The program has been, and may still be, seeking out business owners that will act as teachers and guides to New Castle’s Seniors, but also help as judges.

The non-profit organization, Americans for the Competetive Enterprize System, will look after and organize the week, using their knowledge to create the most realistic scenarios for New Castle’s students.

This should be a great week!