Ways to Stay Healthy in the New Year!


Marissa Jackson, Author

Something that is very important for us humans is our health. It is important in life that we stay healthy because if we aren’t healthy horrible things could happen to our bodies. In this article, I will be naming a couple of ways you could easily stay healthy in the New Year!

10 ways to stay healthy:

  • Maintain a healthy weight 
  • Limit or get rid of junk food 
  • Drink water every day —2/3’s of your body weight
  • Exercise regularly (2-3 times a week)
  • Don’t smoke or use smokeless tobacco 
  • Limit how much you drink alcohol – none is best
  • Eat a healthy diet (Fruits, vegetables, and proteins)
  • Count your calories (Macros)
  • Eat and drink dairy foods at least once a day to build strong bones

10 ways to keep a healthy mindset:

  • Get plenty of sleep at least 8 hours 
  • Quit saying I can’t 
  • Stay mentally active
  • Talk about how you are feeling 
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Learn from your mistakes 
  • Find a hobby
  • Don’t question yourself or your feelings 
  • Stay positive 
  • Watch the people who you hang around 

I hope this article that I wrote will help you stay healthy in all types of ways! Remember to drink water every day and get 8 hours of sleep. Happy New Year Canes!! New Year, New You! Stay healthy!!