8 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick in January

8 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick in January

Justin Byers, Author

The holidays are now over and everyone is back to work and school. With the temperatures changing constantly every week, here’s how you can avoid getting sick and spending 2 days in bed.

1. Wash your hands well

This is the most common way people tell you how to stay healthy. Washing your hands under warm water for 60 seconds should help in staying healthy and not sick.

2. Keep unclean fingers away from your face

Number 2 also goes with number 1, but germs like to be absorbed through your skin, and keeping your dirty hands away from your face will prevent most germs from entering your body.

3. Make sure you get a flu shot

The flu shot is a great way to teach your antibodies to fight off the flu if you catch it. The flu shot can also help in preventing the spread, so if you get the flu, you might not even notice you even had it since your body can fight it off so quickly.

4. Clean common surfaces often

Cleaning things like door handles and sink faucets are a great way to kill germs before they even get onto your hands. If you can do that, you have a better chance of staying healthy.

5. Get plenty of sleep

When you are sick, you sleep. Sleep can also help you with building antibodies and fighting off anything germs you might have before it becomes terrible. Scientists recommend 8 hours of sleep per night.

6. Eat well-balanced meals

Did you know that eating wholesome, well-balanced meals can also help fortify your immune system against viral invaders? To boost your intake of infection-fighting antioxidants, aim to fill at least half your plate with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

7. Stay active (and get some fresh air)

Keeping your blood flowing and fresh O2 in your body is a great way to keep germs circulating out of your body.

8. Find ways to de-stress and relax

Living in a state of constant stress can sabotage your immune system and leave you more vulnerable to illness. To shore up your natural defenses and protect yourself from seasonal viruses, do away with senseless stressors, manage inescapable pressures, and make daily downtime a family priority.

Stay healthy Canes!