Mr. Pitzer and the New Castle Bowling Teams


Jack Stalnecker, Author

The bowling season started on December 1st, so I wanted to ask the coach, Mr. Pitzer, some questions to get more insight on how the bowling season has been going and what it is like to be the New Castle Bowling coach.

The link for the Bowling schedule will be here. The season is now at its halfway point so if you want to support the bowling team you still have time!

Question: How has the bowling season been going so far?

Answer: The bowling season has been going very well.  I have 11 girls and 19 boys on the team this year with a wide range of experience.  The new bowlers have been showing a lot of improvement and my varsity teams are 5-0 (girls) and 4-1 (boys) at the halfway point of the season.

Question: What are you looking forward to this season?

Answer: I am looking forward to seeing if the girls can repeat as section champs and the boys make the playoffs for the first time in program history.

Question: How long have you been coaching bowling?

Answer: This is my 12th season as the bowling coach.  I started the program when a number of my students had heard about the league and asked if I would look into New Castle joining the league.

Question: What inspired you to be a bowling coach?

Answer: As an avid bowler myself I wanted to do all I could to promote the sport amongst our young people here at New Castle.

Question: What is your favorite part about being a coach for the bowling team?

Answer: My favorite part of being the bowling coach is teaching the kids a skill in a sport that they can play for a lifetime.


Thank you Mr. Pitzer for answering these questions. Good luck to both the boys’ and girls’ bowling teams this season!!