Getting to Know Mrs. Neff


Shelby Norris, Author

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Mrs. Neff, one of our Sr. High Math teachers here at New Castle. Check out the interview below!

Q- When did you realize you wanted to teach?

I realized I wanted to teach when my kids were in elementary school.

Q-Where did you go to college and what degrees do you have?

I went to Penn State University for a degree in Computer Science and Slippery Rock University for a master’s degree in Education.

Q-How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for 20 years, all of them at New Castle Junior/Senior High School.

Q-What do you teach?

I teach math – usually Algebra I and Algebra II, and sometimes Algebra A, Algebra B, or Algebra III/Trig.

Q-What grades do you teach?

9th – 12th grade.

Q-How is the school year going?

My school year is going well.

Q-What is the biggest challenge this year?

The biggest challenge has been students with many absences and getting them to make up their work.

Q- Do you do any extracurricular activities?

I am the coordinator for Academic Games.

Thanks for the interview, Mrs. Neff. We hope you have a wonderful rest of the year! Thanks for reading Canes!