New Castle Bocce Team Highlight


Shelby Norris , Author

I got to sit down with Mrs. Hites, one of the coaches for the New Castle Bocce team. Check out the awesome interview!

Q-How long has the Bocce program been at New Castle?

Since 2017


Q-What is Bocce?

Bocce is a game in which you throw a pollino, you have to get as close as you can to the pollino than your opponent, you try to push your opponent’s balls far away from the pollino, when everyone is done whatever color is closest, wins.


Q-What other schools do you play in the sport?

In our region, we play Shenango, Mohawk, and Union. Then, 12 teams from western PA play for the Playoffs at Slippery Rock. 


Q- What are you most excited about this season?

The kids are excited its part of the Special Olympics. The kids enjoy the friendships they create. In 2019 the New Castle Hurricane Bocci team won a silver medal in Special Olympics, and in 2018 they won the Bronze. So it is exciting to see where we will be this year! 


Q- What is the biggest challenge you foresee this season?

Trying to keep the team interested, making it fun for them, and making it something they want to do.


Q- Who is on the bocce team?

There are partners and athletes 


Josh Hoerner+Andrew Kladitis 


Isaiah Jones

Aidan Allen

Owen Guthrie

Trileise Jordan 

It shows a lot of collaborations and inclusions it gives these students the school spirit and allows them to be part of something. It’s a unified sport. Come out and watch the New Castle Bocce team. Their next match is on January 23rd at Mohawk High School at 3 pm.

The New Castle home match is on February 14th at 3 pm. Come out and support the bocce team this season!