Ranking the 2023 Formula One Liveries

Ranking the 2023 Formula One Liveries

Justin Byers, Author

The 2023 racing season is in full swing. Over 2 weeks, Formula One teams released their 2023 liveries. With some time until the season opener in Bahrain, I thought I would rank the 2023 liveries. Let’s start at number 10.

Note: the rating will be set based on the difference between the team’s livery last year and compared to the other 9 liveries this year. For example, Ferriari’s 2023 livery will have its rating based on the difference between the 2022 livery compared to the rest of the 2023 liveries from the other 9 F1 teams.

10. Oracle Red Bull Racing

Released: Feb. 3

2022 Standings: P1

Rating: 1/10

Red Bull Racing may be first on track but 2023 may be regarded as the worst car reveal of all time. Not only did they take an hour to show the car, they decided to do a rinse and repeat from last year’s livery. Iconic color scheme but you can’t just reuse the same car from the last 15 years. The only significant change from 2022 is the ROKT logo below the rollover hoop and HALO. This is why they are last on my list.

9. Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team

Released: Feb. 13

2022 Standings: P7

Rating: 2/10

Same song, the second verse for the AMR23. Apart from the shark fin, not much has changed but they are a smaller team and could use the money on, you know, performance. They get a small pass but just barely. In fairness, British Racing Green is a good color but you can’t reuse the same livery from last year. I need the “copy your homework” meme and we are complete. I’m sure Twitter is already on it. Anyway, on to the next one.

8. William Racing

Released: Feb. 6

2022 Standings: P10

Rating: 3/10

Williams finished in last place last season and they don’t score very high on my list either. You might as well say Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. At least the livery is only a year old, and not 15 like Red Bull Racing, right? This could have been so much better with Gulf Oil signing on as a sponsor for 2023. The Duracell air box looks cool though. That is the main reason it doesn’t score a 1 or 2 like Red Bull Racing or Aston Martin.

7. Alpine F1 Team

Released: Feb. 16

2022 Standings: P4

Rating: 4/10

Alpine comes into 2023 after a strong 2022. They find themselves in 7th on this list for one main reason: it’s the same car as last year. This seems like a common theme with teams this year. At least the car livery is only one year old. A small change to black near the back end of the car is a nice touch too. Overall, it’s not a bad livery, it’s just the same as last year’s.

6. Scuderia Ferrari

Released: Feb. 14

2022 Standings: P2

Rating: 5/10

Well, it’s red. I guess we go to the shark fin in the back of the car. A small change like Aston Martin. Why did they score more points? Ferrari added color instead of removing it. Ferrari added a slight bit of black to the rear of their SF-23. Still reused the same livery though, and can’t score very well with that, however, red does look very good on an F1 car.

5. Scuderia AlphaTauri

Released: Feb. 11

2022 Standings: P9

Rating: 6/10

Red Bull Racing’s sister team is pulling a page out of their book, or are they? The 2023 livery might look very similar to the 2022 livery but there are some noticeable differences, unlike the Red Bull. The first thing you will notice is that there is some red that comes with their new sponsor, Orlen. The nose cone has also received an update, being turned white — a similar car but not the same. For me, I like the nose cone but the engine cover and side pods are too similar to the 2022 car to receive anything higher than a 5.

4. Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

Released: Feb. 15

2022 Standings: P3

Rating: 7/10

Mercedes come into 2023 with not many changes, however, their livery sees a nice change. They are back in black. Hopefully, you got my AC/DC reference, but anyway, we first saw Mercedes run a black livery during the COVID-19 Pandemic and BLM movement, but they went back to silver last year. It appears that they have gone back to the black livery for the 2023 season and it looks much better than the silver. The yellow numbers also pop out at you which makes it easy for everyone on the broadcast and at the track to know what driver is being shown. Mercedes looks to return to the top of the standings, where they won 7 championships in a row from 2014-2020. Mercedes came only 1 position away from the championship in Abu Dhubi in 2021. 2022 saw a massive fall off from Mercedes, where they only scored 515 points. Will Mercedes bounce back in 2023? Only one way to find out.

3. Mclaren

Released: Feb. 13

2022 Standings: P5

Rating: 7.5/10

Mclaren comes into 2023 with a new driver in Oscar Piastri and a new-ish livery. Same color scheme but it hardly looks like last year’s livery. For starters, Chrome must have added some zeros on their 2023 check because they have a big logo on the engine cover. The black on the engine cover and the rear wing is also a new addition to the MCL60. Overall, a very nice car but still loses points for having the same color scheme so that’s why it is still behind a few other teams.

2. MoneyGram HAAS F1 Team

Released: Jan. 31

2022 Standings: P8

Rating: 8/10

HAAS comes in with new hopes after finishing in the back half in 2022. Well, they aren’t in the back half of this list: a new color scheme and a new sponsorship in MoneyGram. I like black with white. It could use a bit more red but it looks much better than last year’s livery.

1. Alfa Romeo F1 Team

Released: Feb. 7

2022 Standings: P6

Rating: 8.5/10

Alfa Romeo has swapped white for black in 2023. No major sponsorship changes for 2023 but hopefully a much improved 2023. Same drivers as last season, so the only difference to 2023 will be the new livery. You can never go wrong with a black and red combination. It also looks very similar to their engine supplier and sister team, Ferrari. One of my favorite cars in 2023.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.