Can you Break the Cycle: Why are Phones so Addicting?

Can you Break the Cycle: Why are Phones so Addicting?

Marissa Jackson, Author

You may wonder this question at times, “Why are phones so addicting?” The average time limit a person should be on their phone is two hours per day. But we all know everyone who is reading this article is probably past that two-hour per day limit. But why is that? Countless studies have shown that phone activity causes a person the release of dopamine in their brains, making them feel happy or motivated. Any age can be addicted to a smartphone, but the National Library of Medicine reports that 6.3% overall population is addicted to a smartphone. The pattern of addiction is greatest among those under the age of 30.


  • You can’t sleep 
  • You’re stressed out by social media
  • You are anxious 
  • Can’t stand still without checking your phone
  • You always use your phone as a distraction 
  • Can’t stop checking your notifications 
  • Working later to complete a task 
  • Putting your life at risk while driving and on your phone

Something that is common in having a phone addiction is how time passes by while using your phone. Maybe try this…when you are about to go to bed, go on your phone, go to settings, and see how many hours you have been on your phone all day, you will most likely be shocked by how many hours. But let’s talk about how to break that cycle.


  • Don’t charge your phone near your bed before going to sleep
  • Try only using your phone for important matters
  • Your phone is a want, not a need remember that
  • Try limiting the time you are on your phone
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb when you’re at your job, school, or doing something important.
  • Before going to sleep try to not be on your phone
  • Try not to always get distracted by social media
  • Try going for a walk when bored
  • Try new things you may like or never have done
  • Spend time with your family and friends.

A phone addiction is a real addiction and a very common one. Having a phone addiction can be hard to break. With help from friends and family and understanding that your phone is not an important matter in your life, you can break this addiction. I hope you all can try out the methods I listed. Hopefully, it will become easier for you to break that addiction. Thanks for reading canes!