Benefits of Having a Job in High School

Benefits of Having a Job in High School

Alexa Perrotta

While having a job can be stressful on top of other priorities in life, having a job is also extremely rewarding. By having a job, I have been able to earn both my own money and create a great experience.

Earning your own money is super important. Having a job makes that super easy because when you work, you get paid! As you earn money you must manage it wisely and keep track of your spending.

Having a job has also helped me get experience in the real world. By having a job I have improved my communication skills, teamwork, and ability to stay organized.

One of the biggest benefits of having a job is the people you meet along the way. I have met some of my best lifelong friends through my job.

Jobs also provide balance in your life. Throughout life, you will always have to keep a job and manage other activities at the same time. Learning how to find balance now will prepare you for the future. Jobs teach you to be task-oriented and organized.

Having a job in high school can help you decide what you will and will not want to do permanently in the future. It will narrow down your list of interests by the more experience you get.

Let us know if you have a job Canes!