Activities for Summer!


Marissa Jackson , Author

36 days from now is the new season, many people’s favorite season of the year. June 21- September 23 summer will be here. There are many activities to do this summer, but here are 20 enjoyable things to do. Let us know your favorite activities to do over the summer! 

  1. Go swimming on hot summer days 
  2. Stay hydrated 
  3. Hang out with friends
  4. Go camping 
  5. Exercise 
  6. Visit the beach
  7. Hang out with family
  8. Have a cookout 
  9. Go for a walk 
  10. Go for a hike
  11. If you have a bucket list try to knock some off there
  12. Visit the water park 
  13. Try stargazing 
  14. Go fishing 
  15. Have a picnic 
  16. Go to an amusement park
  17. Go get ice cream 
  18. Late-night car drives 
  19. Throw a summer party/get together 
  20. Have a campfire 

Enjoy your summer this year because it’s coming up fast, hope this list helped with ideas to do for this summer.