“Bama Rush” Experience at the University of Alabama

Bama Rush Experience at the University of Alabama

Alexa Perrotta , Author

The newly released documentary, “Bama Rush” captures the excitement of rushing a sorority at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Rushing at the University of Alabama swept the nation in 2021 when many young women documented the glamour and excitement of their rush experience on the famous app, TikTok.

“Bama Rush” follows four students at Alabama as they prepare for their bid day when they find out if they were selected for their desired sorority. Rush culture at the University of Alabama is taken extremely seriously by young women attending the university. Many categorize themselves with particular sororities and will do whatever it takes to be invited to join.

The documentary follows the girls throughout their week- all the way up until bid day. The first few days of rushing include philanthropy days. All of those who are rushing are able to visit up to 12 chapters that will introduce what philanthropic work is done by each chapter. It is during this time that future members will rank which sororities they would like to visit in the next round.

The next round of rush week is the sisterhood round. In the sisterhood round, those rushing will explore what sisterhood is like in each chapter by attending tours or watching a presentation. The sisterhood days narrow down the list of sororities that were made in the previous round as bid day quickly approaches.

The final round before the long-awaited bid day is preference day. Preference day is the final round of sorority recruitment and the night that determines which sororities these young women will call home. Those rushing for sororities will be interviewed by members of the sorority to asses who the best match is.

After a long week full of emotion, bid day is finally here! It is time to open the envelopes that contain which sororities these young ladies were invited to join. Sororities at Alabama are a major part of the culture at the University. Sororities are seen as part of your identity and character. That is why bid day is as important as it is for those rushing. Being invited to your top sorority is the cherry on top of the exciting yet busy week of rushing.

The new documentary put into perspective that many young women intending to rush take this week very seriously. Due to the rush culture at Alabama being as strong as it is, these young women put their best foot forward all week. With every outfit topping the last, bringing more glamour than the day before, they find the sorority that will become their identity for the next four years.