10 Ways to Manage Stress


Marissa Jackson, Author

We all know how a stressful situation or even just a normal day feels. Do you ever wonder how you can have a positive outcome from these situations? Stress is our body’s response to pressure.  Stress is often triggered when the human body experiences something new or unexpected that threatens our sense of self. Every person in this world deals with stress differently. There are many negative ways to deal with stress, but here go 10 stress management activities.


-The right way to deal with your stress-

  • Talk with someone 

Find a trustful friend, family member, adult, etc let them know what has been on your mind lately. 

  • Journal 

Write down your feelings, what’s been on your mind, or anything that you don’t want to talk about out loud. 

  • Silent meditation 

Sit in silence for 15-30 seconds and notice your breath as it flows in and out of your body. Try to continue this for 30-60 seconds. Turn on some meditation music while you’re at it. 

  • Yoga 

Lay out a mat or blanket and create your brown yoga routine or find a guided video on YouTube

  • Listen to your favorite music/podcast 

Listen to peaceful music, your favorite playlist, or even that podcast you’ve been needing to catch up on.

  • Coloring

Color or drive how you have been feeling and what’s been causing this stress to happen. 

  • Active chores 

Get some chores done that you know you’ve been needing to do. 

  • Take A Bath 

Get some candles, bubbles, and your favorite body wash, and sit back and take a nice relaxing bath. 

  • Mindful Walk

Go for a nice walk on a nice day  

  • Care for a pet 

If you have any pets cuddle, groom, walk/run, or play with a pet.

There are 10 stress management stress tips. I hope these tips will help with many of your stressful situations.