Snapchat AI: What is it?

Snapchat AI: What is it?

Alexa Perrotta, Author

The new Snapchat AI that mysteriously appeared on everyone’s phone has left Snapchat users confused. Snapchat added a chatbot that is pinned in the chat section of Snapchat.

Snapchat implemented this new feature to be utilized as a “friend” for Snapchat users. In the chat conversation with AI, users are able to ask questions or converse freely with AI. Snapchat does advise however that users independently check answers provided by AI to ensure that the information given is not incorrect, harmful, or misleading content.

Snapchat AI is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology with added safety enhancements unique to Snapchat.

As a Snapchat user, I do not like having the AI. Snapchat did not notify users before adding this feature which caused major confusion. AI made most users feel unsafe using the app because it feels like an invasion of privacy.

Although the intentions of AI may have been pure, failing to notify users about AI definitely brings into question the control that technology and social media have on society today. The more that technology improves may mean less privacy that users have over location or personal information.