Senior Spotlight- Isabelle Jones


Karen Murphy, Author

Isabelle, or Sable, Jones is a senior at New Castle and is a part of the New Castle Flagline, and an avid supporter of the physical arts. She plans on going to Miami University of Ohio. Congrats to Isabelle!

Q: What are you going to miss most about New Castle?

A: All of my friends that I’ve made here along with all of the teachers who have helped me throughout my high school career.

Q: How would you describe your 4 years here at New Castle?

A: Chaotic, school has been a whirlwind of things over the years. I enjoyed being on the flag line, as well as making friends. It was also great to have supportive teachers who understood when I was struggling, but having online classes and being out of school during Covid definitely affected my years of learning.

Q: What made you decide on Miami University?

A: I decided on Miami University of Ohio because of the great community there as well as the specific major of Games + Simulation.

Q: What do you look forward to most at Miami University?

A: My chosen major. Games + Simulation with an art focus is a very specific major to find and I already know that I am going to learn a lot from all of the classes and wonderful teachers there.

Q: What advice would you give the younger kids at New Castle?

A: Find a teacher you can trust and never be afraid to ask for help. The faculty is there is help us learn and grow. Finding a teacher you can trust and connect with is vital during all the rough patches of high school.

Good luck in your future! We are going to miss you, Isabelle!