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Ranking Taylor Swift’s Top 10 Bridges


Taylor Swift is known for her masterful songwriting, with her bridges often standing out as some of the most captivating moments in her music. In honor of the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” I delve into her discography and I’ve compiled a ranking of her top bridges that have left a lasting impact on listeners’ hearts.

10. Lover

Bridge: “Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? // With every guitar string scar on my hand // I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover // My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue // All’s well that ends well to end up with you // Swear to be overdramatic and true to my lover // And you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes for me // And at every table, I’ll save you a seat, lover.”

Kicking off our list is “Lover.” The bridge in this track resonates with its sweet and simple message of enduring love, showcasing Taylor’s ability to capture genuine emotions.

9. Illicit Affairs

Bridge: And you wanna scream // Don’t call me “kid,” don’t call me “baby” // Look at this godforsaken mess that you made me // You showed me colors you know I can’t see with anyone else // Don’t call me “kid,” don’t call me “baby” // Look at this idiotic fool that you made me // You taught me a secret language I can’t speak with anyone else.”

Next up, “Illicit Affairs” captures a sense of vulnerability with its bridge, highlighting the intricacies of a hidden romance and the raw emotions that come with it.

8. Clean (Taylor’s Version)

Bridge: “Ten months sober, I must admit // Just because you’re clean, don’t mean you don’t miss it // Ten months older, I won’t give in // Now that I’m clean, I’m never gonna risk it.”

“Clean” comes in at number eight, offering a bridge that symbolizes growth and moving on from a difficult chapter. Its powerful lyrics strike a chord with those seeking renewal.

7. Call It What You Want

Bridge: I want to wear his initial on a chain ’round my neck // Chain ’round my neck // Not because he owns me // But ’cause he really knows me // Which is more than they can say, I // I recall late November // Holding my breath, slowly, I said // “You don’t need to save me // But would you run away with me?” // Yes (Would you run away?).”

At number seven, “Call It What You Want” provides a bridge that exudes confidence and self-assurance, reflecting Taylor’s evolution as an artist and person. Personally, one of my favorite songs on her Reputation album.

6. Dress

Bridge: Flashback when you met me, your buzzcut and my hair bleached // Even in my worst times, you could see the best in me // Flashback to my mistakes, my rebounds, my earthquakes // Even in my worst lies, you saw the truth in me // And I woke up just in time, now I wake up by your side // My one and only, my lifeline // I woke up just in time, now I wake up by your side // My hands shake, I can’t explain this // Ah, ha, ha, ha-ah.”

“Dress” takes the sixth spot with its bridge that oozes sensuality and intimacy. Taylor’s ability to convey desire and longing is palpable in this memorable moment.

5. All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (10-Minute Version) (From The Vault)

Bridge: “Well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much // But maybe this thing was a masterpiece ’til you tore it all up // Runnin’ scared, I was there // I remember it all too well // And you call me up again just to break me like a promise // So casually cruel in the name of bein’ honest // I’m a crumpled-up piece of paper lyin’ here // ‘Cause I remember it all, all, all.”

Breaking into the top five, the extended version of “All Too Well” carries a bridge that’s emotionally charged and deeply poignant, capturing the essence of heartbreak and nostalgia.

4. Back To December (Taylor’s Version)

Bridge: I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile // So good to me, so right // And how you held me in your arms that September night // The first time you ever saw me cry // Maybe this is wishful thinkin’ // Probably mindless dreaming // But if we loved again, I swear I’d love you right // I’d go back in time and change it, but I can’t // So, if the chain is on your door, I understand.”

Claiming the fourth place is the re-recorded version of “Back To December.” “Back To December (Taylor’s Version)” showcases Taylor’s growth by revisiting a past relationship. The bridge is a reflective piece that resonates with those seeking closure.

3. Getaway Car

Bridge: We were jet-set, Bonnie and Clyde (Oh-oh) // Until I switched to the other side, to the other side // It’s no surprise I turned you in (Oh-oh) // ‘Cause us traitors never win.”

Taking the bronze, “Getaway Car” offers a bridge that’s full of cinematic flair. The metaphor-laden lyrics add an element of intrigue to this electrifying track.

2. Cruel Summer

Bridge: “I’m drunk in the back of the car // And I cried like a baby coming home from the bar (oh) // Said, “I’m fine, ” but it wasn’t true // I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you // And I snuck in through the garden gate // Every night that summer just to seal my fate (oh) // And I screamed for whatever it’s worth // “I love you, ” ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard? // He looks up grinning like a devil.”

Runner-up on our list is “Cruel Summer.” The bridge perfectly encapsulates the intensity of a tumultuous relationship, making it a standout moment in Taylor’s recent discography.

Honorable Mentions:

Before we unveil my top pick, let’s acknowledge some honorable mentions:

Daylight: And I can still see it all (In my mind) // All of you, all of me (Intertwined) // I once believed love would be (Black and white) // But it’s golden (Golden) // And I can still see it all (In my head) // Back and forth from New York (Sneakin’ in your bed) // I once believed love would be (Burnin’ red) // But it’s golden // Like daylight, like daylight // Like daylight, daylight.”

Afterglow: Tell me that you’re still mine // Tell me that we’ll be just fine // Even when I lose my mind // I need to say // Tell me that it’s not my fault // Tell me that I’m all you want // Even when I break your heart // I need to say.”

Enchanted (Taylor’s Version): This is me praying that // This was the very first page // Not where the storyline ends // My thoughts will echo your name // Until I see you again // These are the words I held back // As I was leaving too soon // I was enchanted to meet you // Please, don’t be in love with someone else // Please, don’t have somebody waiting on you // Please, don’t be in love with someone else (Ooh) // Please, don’t have somebody waiting on you (Ooh, oh).”

The Archer: ‘Cause they see right through me // They see right through me // They see right through // Can you see right through me? // They see right through // They see right through me // I see right through me // I see right through me.”

Death By A Thousand Cuts: My heart, my hips, my body, my love // Tryna find a part of me that you didn’t touch // Gave up on me like I was a bad drug // Now I’m searching for signs in a haunted club // Our songs, our films, united we stand // Our country, guess it was a lawless land // Quiet my fears with the touch of your hand // Paper cut stings from our paper-thin plans // My time, my wine, my spirit, my trust // Tryna find a part of me you didn’t take up // Gave you too much, but it wasn’t enough // But I’ll be alright, it’s just a thousand cuts.”

cardigan: To kiss in cars and downtown bars // Was all we needed // You drew stars around my scars // But now I’m bleedin’.”

my tears ricochet: And I can go anywhere I want // Anywhere I want, just not home // And you can aim for my heart, go for blood // But you would still miss me in your bones // And I still talk to you (When I’m screaming at the sky) // And when you can’t sleep at night (You hear my stolen lullabies)

champagne problems: Your Midas touch on the Chevy door // November flush and your flannel cure // “This dorm was once a madhouse” // I made a joke, “Well, it’s made for me” // How evergreen, our group of friends // Don’t think we’ll say that word again // And soon they’ll have the nerve to deck the halls // That we once walked through // One for the money, two for the show // I never was ready so I watch you go // Sometimes you just don’t know the answer // ‘Til someone’s on their knees and asks you // “She would’ve made such a lovely bride // What a shame she’s fucked in the head,” they said // But you’ll find the real thing instead // She’ll patch up your tapestry that I shred.”

tis’ the damn season: “Sleep in half the day just for old times’ sake // I won’t ask you to wait if you don’t ask me to stay // So I’ll go back to L.A. and the so-called friends // Who’ll write books about me if I ever make it // And wonder about the only soul // Who can tell which smiles I’m fakin’ // And the heart I know I’m breakin’ is my own // To leave the warmest bed I’ve ever known // We could call it even // Even though I’m leaving // And I’ll be yours for the weekend // ​’Tis the damn season.”

These songs have all left their mark on Taylor’s discography. Unfortunately, none of these songs cracked the top 10. Now on to my top pick.

1. Out Of The Woods (Taylor’s Version)

Bridge: Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? // Twenty stitches in the hospital room // When you started crying, baby, I did too // But when the sun came up, I was looking at you // Remember when we couldn’t take the heat? // I walked out, I said, “I’m setting you free” // But the monsters turned out to be just trees // When the sun came up, you were looking at me // You were looking at me, oh // You were looking at me // (Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet?) // (Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods?) // I remember // (Are we in the clear yet? Are we in the clear yet?) // (Are we in the clear yet, in the clear yet? Good) // Oh, I remember.”

Taking the crown is “Out Of The Woods.” The bridge is a whirlwind of emotions, capturing the essence of uncertainty and finding strength in the face of adversity. Its anthemic quality makes it an unforgettable moment in Taylor Swift’s musical journey.

In the end, Taylor Swift’s bridges have the power to transport us to different emotions and experiences. From vulnerability to empowerment, these bridges remind us of the depth and complexity of her songwriting prowess.

I would love to hear your top 10 in the comment section below.

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