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Eye of the Hurricane

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2023 NBA Highlights


The NBA season just started on October 24th and will be ending on June 24th. We are starting week 5 this week and the season is already off to an interesting start.

1:Boston Celtics

Last season, the Celtics started with a 21-5 record and scored 3.6 more points per 100 possessions than any other team. They’ve started out similarly this year, outscoring other teams by .8 points per 100.

2:Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets were shut out by Minnesota on Wednesday but suffered their first loss of the season two days later. More important than the result was that Jamal Murray pulled a hamstring in the first half of Saturday’s win over the Bulls, which ended a seven-game winning streak in five games.

3:Philadelphia 76ers

Two teams ranked in the top five in offense and defense: the 76ers and the Clippers. But they all felt the need to make a deal!

4:Golden State Warriors

The Warriors pulled off one of their most impressive wins of the season on Monday, beating New Orleans by 28 points in the second night of a back-to-back. But they’ll need late heroics from Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry to get past the Kings (without De’Aaron Fox) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (without Shai Gilgeous-Alexander) before heading to Cleveland on Sunday to snap a five-game winning streak consecutive effect

5:Atlanta Hawks

After an 0-2 start, the Hawks have won four straight, including three against Milwaukee, Minnesota, and New Orleans, teams that also had winning records heading into Week 2. They averaged 12, 9 points per game and they were very efficient. . 100 consecutive possessions, eight starters averaging double figures.

6:Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks have yet to win a game by less than five points in the final five minutes, and they haven’t had much luck heading into Friday’s game against the champions. But they went 5-1, scoring 58 points (1 1 percent) on 1 critical possessions in five tight games.

7:Minnesota  Timberwolves

The Wolves led by 19 points twice at halftime last week. The first game (Monday vs. Atlanta) ended in a loss, and they have scored just 27 points in their last games. The other was a straight-set win over the Nuggets, the championship team’s only loss this season.

8:Milwaukee Bucks

About 28 hours before the end of daylight saving time, it was Marist time in Milwaukee, and Lillard scored six straight points to beat the Knicks after the Bucks blew a double-digit lead in their first game of the season. season Perhaps most importantly, this was (statistically speaking) his best defensive game of the season.

9:New orleans pelicans

The Pelicans got two wins last week without Brandon Ingram, including a win over Detroit without Zion Williamson (rest). But with both men back in the lineup Saturday, the Pelicans held the Hawks to 123 points on just 95 possessions, including a 1-1 Atlanta run in the third possession that blew away a 10-point deficit, up to 17 points. There was a deficit in the third quarter.

10:Los Angelos Lakers

The Lakers defeated the Magic and Clippers last week in back-to-back games from Monday to Wednesday. Both games were close, with Christian Wood on the court both nights and the overtime tip-off to seal the victory over the Clippers.

11:LA clippers

The Clippers had 3 wins and 2 losses in 7 games for a total of 68 points, which was pretty good, but it wasn’t good enough, so they gambled and traded James Harden.

12:Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker returned from a three-game absence and had 31 points, nine rebounds and 13 assists against the Spurs on Thursday. But his return was short-lived as Booker missed two straight weekend games for the Suns. Bradley Beal has yet to play, so two of the Suns’ three stars have missed five of seven games.

13:Cleveland Cavaliers

Jarrett Allen (who missed the first five games) and Darius Garland (who missed four games) returned to the Cavaliers lineup for two games this weekend. They lost first (to Indiana on Friday), but ended their 16-game losing streak against the Warriors on Sunday, outscoring Golden State by 3 points (tied for most in one game this season).

14:Sacremento Kings

The Kings beat the Lakers eight days ago after De’Aaron Fox sprained his ankle, but have gone 0-2 since then. They were tied with the Warriors until the final seconds on Wednesday, but those losses were the Kings’ two worst offensive games of the preseason (they scored just 99.0 points per 100 possessions in both games).

15:Oaklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder went 3-0 against Eastern Conference teams but went 0-3 against Western Conference teams after losing last week to the Pelicans and Warriors at home. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was out against the Golden State Warriors, but Jaylen Williams made his debut.

The NBA’s current standings are…

  1. Celtics Wins:5     Loss: 0
  2. 76ers    Wins:4     Loss:1
  3. Hawks  Wins:4     Loss:2
  4. Magic    Wins:4     Loss:2
  5. Bucks     Wins:3     Loss:2
  6. Nets        Wins:3     Loss:3
  7. Pacers     Wins:3     Loss:3
  8. Cavaliers Wins:3    Loss:4
  9. Raptors    Wins:3    Loss:4
  10. Hornets    Wins:2    Loss:4
  11. Nets           Wins:2    Loss:4
  12. Knicks       Wins:2     Loss:4
  13. Pistons      Wins:2     Loss:5
  14. Bulls          Wins:2      Loss:5
  15. Wizards     Wins:1      Loss:4
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