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Ranking the 2024 Formula One Liveries

Ranking the 2024 Formula One Liveries

The 2024 racing season is in full swing. Over the past two weeks, Formula One teams released their 2024 liveries and now with the season opener in Bahrain behind us, I thought I would rank the 2024 liveries. Let’s start at number 10.

Note: the rating will be set based on the difference between the team’s livery last year and compared to the other 9 liveries this year. For example, team A’s 2024 livery will have its rating based on the difference between the 2023 livery and the 2024 livery compared to the rest of the 2024 liveries from the other 9 F1 teams.

10. Oracle Red Bull Racing

Released: Feb. 15

2023 Standings: P1

Last Year’s Rank: 10th

Rating: 0/10

I only have a few words for Red Bull: stop using the same livery. They were last in 2023, they will keep that spot for 2024. Iconic livery but it’s boring now. Same livery for 15 years.

9. Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team

Released: Feb. 12th

2023 Standings: P5

Last Year’s Rank: 9th

Rating: 2/10

Needless to say, it’s the same car as the last 2 years. British Racing Green is an iconic color for Aston Martin in racing but we need to change the stripes or something up. I don’t see any change from last year so it scores a 2.

8. Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

Released: Feb. 14th

2023 Standings: P2

Last Year’s Rank: 4th

Rating: 4.5/10

Mercedes is back after finishing 2nd to Red Bull in 2023 and losing Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari for 2025. Their car for 2024 is almost the same as last year. It’s almost entirely black with a few patches of red. No real design but it’s better than some other teams

7. Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team

Released: Feb. 8th

2023 Standings: P8

Last Year’s Rank: 5th

Rating: 5/10

This is maybe the worst name change in the history of Formula One. The team formally known as AlphaTauri, recently received backing from VISA and Cash App and now have changed their name to reflect that. They keep their backing from Red Bull as well. The livery does make me think back to their older days when the team was still Toro Rosso.

6. McLaren

Released: Feb. 14th

2023 Standings: P4

Last Year’s Rank: 3rd

Rating: 5.5/10

Ranking this year’s set of cars was kinda hard for me. While I like this one, I find it weird because of all the carbon fiber on the back of the car. You thought it was black? Nope that is carbon fiber. I understand why, but the livery is not the place to save money and carbon fiber does weigh a little bit less then paint but, to me, this is not it.

5. MoneyGram HAAS F1 Team

Released: Feb. 2nd

2023 Standings: P10

Last Year’s Rank: 2nd

Rating: 6/10

HAAS comes into 2024 with a new team leader, Ayao Komatsu, who replaced Guenther Steiner back in January. In an interview, Ayao told the media that they would most likely be last place in this year’s championship. However, they are not last on my list. This car is very similar to last year’s car but the white was swapped with black on the nose and earns it with a rating of 6. A drop from last year but not a huge drop since they did change the car a bit.

4. Scuderia Ferrari

Released: Feb. 13

2023 Standings: P3

Last Year’s Rank: 6th

Rating: 6.5/10

The launch of the 2024 Ferrari took all but 8 seconds. This is definitely one I had to rewatch because I was not ready for it to be shown yet. Besides the quick car launch, the iconic red is not going anywhere but it is being slightly replaced. Last year, I gave it a 5 and this year it gets a 6.5 for the added green and white stripes, plus the addition of some black running along the side of the car.

3. William Racing

Released: Feb. 5th

2023 Standings: P7

Last Year’s Rank: 8th

Rating: 7/10

Now, this may look like the same car but it’s vastly different to its 2023 counterpart. First, the dark blue has been added to the sidepod instead of the light blue. The light blue stays but it doesn’t overtake the entire car like last year’s rendition. In the 2024 version, we see a return of the Duracell air box but that’s the only repeat from the 2023 car.

2. Stake F1 Team

Released: Feb. 5th

2023 Standings: P9

Last Year’s Rank: 1st

Rating: 7.5/10

Alfa Romeo underwent a new sponsor and decided to change its name too. However, the livery looks good and very different from last year’s livery. The green and black mix just goes together very nicely. Overall, 2 years of decent liveries. If we were grading based on team name, they would get a 0. Not as bad as Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team

1. Alpine F1 Team

Released: Feb. 7th

2023 Standings: P6

Last Year’s Rank: 7th

Rating: 8/10

Alpine comes into the 2024 season looking to improve from 2023, where they finished P6. It starts with their livery and did they change things up for 2024. They have dropped a lot of the pink and blue, and added some black. For me, this 2024 livery is number 1 because of the mash of the black with the pink, much better than last year’s livery.

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