Easter is one of the most widely celebrated religious holidays around the world, observed by over two billion Christians. This holiday, which falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Across different countries and cultures, Easter is celebrated in various ways.

Here are ways Easter is Celebrated:

1. United States of America: In the USA, Easter is celebrated with Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and Easter bunnies. Children dye eggs and hunt for them, while the Easter bunny delivers baskets filled with candy and gifts.


2. United Kingdom: In the UK, Easter traditions include egg rolling, where people roll hard-boiled eggs down a hill. There is also the tradition of eating hot cross buns, which are sweet buns with a cross on top.


3. Brazil: In Brazil, Easter is celebrated with a passion play, known as the “Via Sacra.” It depicts the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. In addition, Brazilians enjoy traditional Easter foods like codfish and Easter eggs.


4. Greece: In Greece, Easter is celebrated with a feast of lamb and special Easter bread called “tsoureki.” The highlight of the celebration is the midnight church service on Holy Saturday, where the priest announces the resurrection of Christ.


5. Poland: In Poland, Easter is celebrated with a variety of traditions, including the “Blessing of the Easter Baskets,” where families bring baskets filled with Easter foods to church to be blessed by the priest. Polish Easter foods include sausage, ham, bread, and painted Easter eggs.

These are just a few examples of how Easter is celebrated around the world. Regardless of the traditions, Easter is a time for reflection, renewal, and hope for Christians around the globe. We hope you have an amazing Easter Canes!