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Eye of the Hurricane

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Sahasrara – Crown Chakara


Have you ever heard of the Chakras? Have you ever had your Chakras balanced? Here is some information about the Crown Chakra.

Saharara: Crown Chakra 

(n.) Sahasrara – Great Sound or a thousand lotus’
(n.) Chakra – Wheel
Chakras, the seven wheels of energy in the body starting at your head. When these chakras are activated and spinning (balanced and aligned) properly the chakras allow energy to flow through the body. The Sahasrara chakra most commonly referred to as the crown chakra is the 7th primary chakra which is represented by the colour violet. This colour is a reflection of its connection to spirituality, purity, and enlightenment, the crown chakra can be located at the top of your head where your skull meets your spine, or more specifically it’s located near your pineal gland. The crown chakra is the element of thought it controls your sense of consciousness, wisdom, unity, and knowledge of self. The thousand-petal lotus (crown chakra) embodies masculine and feminine forces uniting and can be represented through our breath. Exhalation is masculine and inhalation is feminine. This chakra guides our mental and spiritual intellect, it’s energy is supplied by the other 6 chakras. Those chakras must be balanced for the crown chakra to be most effective.

Signs of Blocked Crown Chakra

Mental Signs

Constant confusion and indecisiveness, low ability or motivation to function, feeling lack of purpose or focus, feeling disconnected from yourself, no connection to the world, and even depression. When noticing some of these signs it would be good to take a look around your environment and ask yourself reflective questions like;
“How am I connected to the world?”
“How can I become a better version of myself?”
“How can I let go of my confusion about my place in the world?”

Physical Signs: 

Difficult sense of direction, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, psychosis, and possibly feeling dissociation from your body.

Signs of Open/Balanced Crown Chakra: 

If your crown chakra is balanced you will have a more positive outlook on life, visual positive changes in attitude, and emotions like gratitude, compassion, and acceptance. It’s to be believed that a balanced crown chakra is a gateway to super consciousness (a state of being where it’s no longer possible to experience yourself separate from anything or anyone). When this chakra is aligned it stimulates the pineal gland. A balanced chakra means you are ready to let go of misunderstandings about who you are and your purpose in life. 

David Frawley – “The purpose of opening one’s chakra is not to improve one’s capacity in the ordinary domains of human life, but to go beyond our mortal and transient seeking to immortal essence.”

Physical Signs: 

(Some effects of stimulated pineal gland.) A sense of mental balance, mood stabilization, improved sleep patterns, boost in energy, and improved heart health. 

Mental Signs: 

A “spiritual awakening” (can be a religious breakthrough), clarity of (clear) mind, increased empathy and compassion, improved intuition (gut feeling), and reduced stress/anxiety. 

Ways to Align


Asana or yoga is not only a way to stay active and strengthen our bodies physically but also spiritually. It is a cross-section of a never-ending progression of movement and breath extending infinitely forward and backward in time. Its purpose is to unite ourselves with our highest nature. Yoga is a tradition in which we can affect the flow of prana (vital energy) and direct our awareness towards a single stable point. Some poses you could try out or look up are:

  • Crocodile Pose
  • Supine Hand-to-Toe
  • Ruddy Goose pose
  • Hip Circles 
  • Half Camel Pose
  • Garland Pose 
  • Side Angle


Pranayama or breathwork like Nadi Shodhan helps release tension and anxiety in your head while also boosting your concentration. Breathwork is a practice beyond your mind and body to help connect you to your inner self. It creates a powerful sense of self-awareness and presence. 


Affirming positive things in your life specifically by speech is a great way to shift your mindset and subconscious thinking. You can reprogram your mind to think more positively and gain balance. Most Sahasrara affirmations start (but aren’t limited to) by saying things like “I Am” or “I Know.” Some examples of crown chakra affirmations could be: 

  • I am guided by inner wisdom 
  • I am a divine being of love
  • I am one with the universe and the universe is one with me
  • I am connected to the universe
  • The world is my teacher
  • I live in the present moment
  • I am connected with the wisdom of the universe 
  • My body is a beautiful home for my radiant soul

Thank you for reading Canes! Stay Zen!

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