Solo A Review

Samuel Cwynar, Entertainment Writer

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a smuggler was born. His name was Han, Han Solo. The story takes place before Episode Four A New Hope. We first see Han of his home planet of Coreilla. There we see him and his love Qi’ra trying to escape the planet.   After  Han failed to deliver the empress request to bring her the explosives they go on a wild chase through the roads of Coreilla. They eventually escape the Imperials and end up at an airport waiting to hijack a ship. While going through security checkpoints, Han realizes the Imperials have found them. Han makes it out successfully while Qi’ra gets captured. Han promises her he will come back to rescue her. After Qi’ra got captured, Han sees an advertisement promoting recruitment up for the Imperial Army. Han goes to the recruitment center and signs up to be a pilot. The recruiter asks Han for his last name, and stated that he did not have one. The recruiter gives him the last name SOLO.

The movie then transitions  to three years  later where we witness Han in the Imperial Army fighting in a huge battle in a sandstorm in the dessert. Han questions his commanders orders multiple times during this segment. Then we realize that Han’s commander actually was a smuggler trying to carry out a mission for money. Han realizes this and confronts him about his dishonesty. The commander tells Han he is relinquished of his duties as an Imperial sand trooper and tells him to leave. Han screams out how he is a  fraud but unfortunately no one believes him. The commander,AKA, orders Han to get fed to the beast.

Two Imperial troopers then drag Han into an underground mud pit where the beast is contained as the action continues. The beast realizes there is someone in the pit. We get to see the beast for the first time and its non other than our favorite wookie, Chewbacca. Han is frightened and tries to get away. Chewbacca slams him and starts to talk “wookie”. Han then starts to converse in  “wookie “and all of a sudden Chewbacca stops attacking Han. Han tells him he is going to plan an escape for the both of them.They both escape with Beckett and board his ship.

The movie proceeds with the team of Beckett, Val, Han Solo, and Chewbacca going on various missions throughout the galaxy. The characters run into Lando Calrissian  and join him on a wonderful mission-  with the goal of stealing highly explosive materials.  The ending is amazing and surprise that you may not see coming.


The movie was incredible and I highly recommend it.  The story of Han Solo is told from the beginning of his inception.   Without a doubt, it answers many unanswered questions about his past and enhances the entire Star Wars Universe.-Sam Cwynar