Spider-Man 2 Sequel Story Line Leaked

Samuel Cwynar, Entertainment Writer

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Spider-Man 2, the sequel to Marvel’s 2016 Spider-Man Homecoming,isn’t slated to hit theaters until July 9,2019. The movie is planned to begin filming this June in various locations. From world famous New York City, to London,  England.  This is what is known so far about the upcoming sequel, “Spider-Man: Field Trip”


The movie starts where Avengers 4 ends with the Death of Tony Stark, Iron Man. Peter Parker grieves his death throughout the film. Although Tony sacrifices his life to bring back all the fallen Avengers from Infinity War. The movie is based around Peter coming back from the dead after the events of Infinity War. The movies main villain is Mysterio, along with minor appearances from the Vulture and Scorpion that originate from Homecoming. This movie is the second of the trilogy and sets up for one amazing movie. The third and final movie in the trilogy sets us a Sinister 6 movie. Enough about Spider-Man 3, lets focus on the upcoming film.

Spider-Man : Field Trip is the leaked title for the upcoming film. It gets its name from when Peter Parker goes on a field trip to London with his Decathlon class. There they run into the main villain, Mysterio. Mysterio’s rule in the movie is to steal Stark Tech to give them to more villains that we haven’t seen yet. Maybe Doc Oc? Who knows at this point? hile in London, Peter runs into famous foe, Black Cat. Though in the movie,she seems to align herself  with Spider-Man and has a potential love interest with him. Without a doubt, Black Cat will be a huge factor in Spider-Man 3.

Michele, Aunt May, and Ned Leeds are all scheduled to make returns in Spider-Man 2. Although not much has been leaked in pertaining  to which character does what. We can make an educated guess in that  Ned, and Michele will both be with Peter in London.  While Aunt May is at home in Brooklyn still in shock how her nephew died and came back from the dead.

From huge character and plot leaks, this is what we know so far about Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel, “Spider-Man: Field Trip” The Sequel hits theaters July 9, 2019.  Spidey Fans stay tuned!!!