Meet The Best SoundCloud Rapper of New Castle

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Meet The Best SoundCloud Rapper of New Castle

Montana Eliser, Entertainment Writer

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I have recently been given the opportunity to book an interview with the one and only TommyTino, local SoundCloud Rapper. I was able to conduct this in-depth and personal interview after school.  I found him to be wonderful musical mastermind, and that’s something you won’t want to miss in this article. I tried my best togather the best questions that everyone’s dying to know.

First of all, let me give you a little background on TommyTino (Martino).  This seventeen year rapper was born in Sharon Pennsylvania.  Tommy grew up on the North Hill and is currently attending New Castle High School.  Tommy  is currently a senior. and plans to pursue his musical career after graduation in 2019.

On September 5th , I challenged him with the most difficult questions he has ever concerning his musical endeavors.

.Q; What made you get into rapping?

a;” Okay so I was hanging out with my cousin and we were bored so we were like lets make a rap song. so we did and started our own group it was just me and 3 of my friends called ”bleach squad”

Q; What artist inspired you the most?

a; ‘This is just a few but Yung Gravy , Lil Peep , Blink-182, Simple Plan, The Front Bottoms, Gym Class Heroes. “

Q;Do you see your career blowing up?

a;” Yes I see my career blowing up. am i going to be doing the same music I am now? I don’t know but blowing up is my dream and I’m not going to give up on my dreams.”

Q;Has it boosted your popularity 

a; Yes, I have had a lot of people come up to me in school and tell me how much they like my music. It has defiantly expanded and raised my popularity in good ways.”

Q;Is merch coming out soon?

a; ”Yes im doing it myself.  Merch dropping soon keep a eye out on the socials, it’ll be fire.”

Q; What’s your opinion on  other rappers

a; ”I like a lot of rappers but when they’re all doing the same thing it’s wack. You need originality and that’s what a lot of rappers lack. For example Lil Peep, Ski mask, X , and Tyler The Creator they have it  and that’s why I support their style. ”

Q;Do you have any friends who also are on SoundCloud?

a; ”I do there @’s are MEKHI724 (aka Mekhi) , @Muddybeats (aka Jeremy) are just a few, my friend group has grown and I now can say I have sound cloud rapper friends who I know on a personal level.”

Q; Whats your opinion on the dark stuff that the rappers are actually going through behind the curtain?

a;” Well everyone goes trough their problems. People deal with things differently it honestly is disappointing that all these rappers are dying , three of  my favorites have passed in the last year. I think instead of fans encouraging their favorite rappers to do drugs they should try and get them to stop because its not helping anyone.”

After I spent my day with Tino and discussed these amazing answers- I honestly feel blessed like a fallen angel had touched my heart…….and my ears. I have no other words except thank you Tommy!!   Without a doubt today has been the best day of my early journalism experience and I wish you all the success in the world!