Why is Bird Box So Popular?


Charles Off, Entertainment Writer

On December 21, 2018 , the movie Bird Box debuted worldwide on Netflix, probably being the best Netflix horror movie to day. Netflix reported that out of all of their films, this one had the most success within the first week of release. Approximately 45 million Netflix accounts watched the film, and the thing is, multiple people can use the account at once. If I were to predict, the number of people that watched the film is closer to 60 million viewers.

Bird Box really started to blow up after all of the internet memes inspired by the film. The film, starring Sandra Bullock, takes place on an world where a supernatural force causes people to unwittingly commit suicide. The only way to stay alive is to wear a blindfold, or the force will make you commit suicide.  Lets take into account that there are 118 million Netflix accounts with a valid subscription, and 45 million subscribers, almost half, viewed the film. Netflix isn’t the type of company to reveal their viewer stats, but they decided to since this was their biggest film in the first week, out of any of their other films.

The movie remains popular, but has subsided greatly. What was once a movie talked about by everyone everyday has now turned into a casual, normal movie. I think that this movie will still be watched a lot, but the popularity will die out over the year. Netflix will have to create another hit film soon, as their numbers will start to drop back down to normal. I believe if they take what they learned from this movie, they can create an even more popular film sometime in the future.