COACH Harlan’s Philosophy OF LIFE/Cross Country/Seven Questions/Senior Preview

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COACH Harlan’s Philosophy OF LIFE/Cross Country/Seven Questions/Senior Preview

Daniel Minenok, Sports Editor

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Question ONE- How can you teach more life lessons to your runners and set a better example?

Coach HarlanI am always trying to teach my girls more than just what it means to be fast and execute a good race.  These things are important to becoming a great cross country runner, but there are a lot of other intangible qualities that make a “good” athlete, and these intangibles also equate to becoming a “good” member of society.  That is my ultimate goal for my girls, for them to be the best that they can be in life, not just cross country. I try to model this to them myself by coming and actually running with them when I can. I strive to be the best I can be every day so that I can encourage my girls to do the same, however, I am not perfect and am well aware that I can and need to improve on the qualities that I am trying to teach my team as well.

Question TWO – What are the most important character building qualities to teach your runners?

Coach Harlan:  Dedication to something that is greater than yourself/

Showing up even when you don’t “feel like it”

Team before “I”

Hard work will yield positive results!!!

Question THREE- If the runners on your team were your own children, what would you want them to get out of this experience?

Coach Harlan: I feel like the girls on my team are my own children.  I love them like they are mine and so I treat them like they are mine, sometimes meaning I need to discipline them.  I want them to learn the qualities listed above and that it is ok to not necessarily be the best, but being the best that YOU can possibly be is the most important thing.  I want them to learn that to be the best that they can be good at something requires sacrifice and good decision making.

Question FOUR- How can you motivate your runners

Coach Harlan: I yell at them in a positive way.  Also, I try to lead by example by staying in shape and completing workouts when I can.  Furthermore,  I try to encourage them by praising them when they earn it but also by providing them tough love when they need it. At the end of the day, I try to provide them with incentives for working hard and being dedicated.  Some of these incentives are clothing items and trips.

Question FIVE – How can you improve teamwork and the attitudes of each player?

Coach Harlan: By providing my girl’s opportunities to be together not just during practice.  I want my girls to feel like they are part of my family. When you are working for others over yourself you will always work harder and give more.

Question SIX -Who are your mentors?

Coach Harlan: Jeff Shaftic and Bob Morris

Question SEVEN- What is your best advice for young people today?

Coach Harlan: Do not be afraid to give your best.  Strive to be the best that YOU can be, and be willing to sacrifice for the things that you want.  Nothing in this life that is worth having will come easy.