Bradyś Mindfulness – Avoiding Toxic Relationships

Bradyś Mindfulness - Avoiding Toxic Relationships

Brady Cwynar, Feature Writer

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? The foundations of any relationship, healthy or not, are most commonly established upon respect, but can, in time, become remarkably unhealthy. Anyone involved within a toxic relationship can be prevented from living a productive, and healthy life. It is not always a ´two to tango’ situation, one person can emotionally dehydrate one for their own personal greed or gratification. Why is it hard to escape a toxic relationship? The reason why escaping a toxic relationship is hard is because the person or both people are too self-centered on themselves to realize that they are too focused on themselves and what is beneficial to them to care for their significant other. This causes one to question themselves and believe the toxicity is not coming from their significant other, and they change their personality for their ¨significant other¨ Now I will list tips on how to avoid one who is seeking to have a toxic relationship.

  • Know oneś motives for life. Make sure that their future does not depend on you, and your money.
  • Make sure youŕe interested. Do not force yourself into a relationship, this will cause stress and make you prone to being dragged into a toxic relationship.
  • Happiness, know the person is truly what you want. Do not love somebody for money or fame.
  • Know their history, if they have a long list of terrible crimes against them, dating them should not be in your best interests.

Now I will explain signs of a toxic relationship, and what you should look for if you feel like your significant other is changing, or becoming too self-centered or aggressive.

  • You starting to lose self-esteem caused by your significant other.
  • Signs of aggressiveness in your partner.
  • Your partner is manipulative.
  • The partner becomes too judgmental.
  • They do not apologize for their wrongdoings.
  • They make you prove yourself to them.

Now that you know what to avoid, and the signs of toxicity in a person you should now distance yourself from people that have these attributes. The tips above are for you to keep in the back of your mind when the next person comes along in your life. If youŕe in a relationship that has the warning signs listed above, it should be best for you to remove yourself from that relationship. Itś better to be safe then sorry, so make sure before you look for someone or if youŕe already in a relationship put these tips into action and thatś how you can make sure you can live on with a happy and healthy relationship.