Forensics Competition Spring 2019

Dom Bongivengo, Content Associate

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 The last forensic competition of the year was held Wednesday, March 20th at Northminster Church with New Castle taking away many awards.

Extemporaneous Senior High

Madyson Newingham 1st place

Sophia Reider 3rd place

Passion Speech Senior High

Matthew Gibson 3rd place

Nikki Pierce 3rd place

Dramatic Duo Senior High

Matthew Gibson and Sophia Reider 2nd place

Peyton Green and Zoey Ondako 3rd place

Impromptu Senior High

Montana Pastore 2nd place

Matthew Moore 3rd place

Nikki Pierce 3rd place

Jonalynn Wharry 3rd place

Impromptu Junior High

Madelyn Hanna 1st place

Isabella Jones 3rd place