Alexis Poetry Corner Senior Edition

Alexis Poetry Corner Senior Edition

Alexis Lovett, Kaiden Mackey, Feature Writers

Recently, I received a wonderful poetry submission from, Eleventh grader, Dashonna Drew. The piece is named 2018 and explains how Dashonna felt over the past year, or as the name infers,  2018. From my perspective, it entails the losses that she had a deal with throughout the past year, including her difficulties and emotions.


You’ve taken everyone I care about

left me here alone to suffer. 

First my cousin

then my pastor.

What more do you want

When do I get my peace

Where”s my happiness

You’ve locked me in chains

and thrown me in the water 

I’m drowning in sadness

This pain is hard to bare 

You left to fight this war alone 

My thoughts wrapped in my brain 

never able to escape 

all you do is take from me 

nothing good has come out of this 

Set me free from your grasp

for I am begging you 

This hurt that I’ve been through 

has taken its toll on me 

I’m overdue for a rest