Mr. Samples: A ” Sample” of his Life Senior Sneek Peak Preview

Brady Cwynar, Feature Writer

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In this interview, I spoke with Mr. Samples (Student Teacher from Slippery Rock University) about his desire for America’s favorite pastime: baseball.

Q: When did your interests in baseball begin?

A: Around 5 years old.

Q: Why do you like this sport?

A: It’s the sport that I always played, and watched growing up. I fell in love with the sport, which led me to the activities that I now participate in.

Q: What baseball organization is your favorite? Why?

A: My favorite sports organization is the Boston Red Sox. When I was seven years old my little league team was the Boston Red Sox, and that’s when I started to like the team.

Q: Who was your biggest influence to play baseball?

A:  My favorite player was Jason Varitek, and he was a player I looked up to.

Q: Why did you start to umpire games?

A: Just to continue the love of baseball in a different aspect other than just playing.

Q: What caused you to quit playing baseball?

A: My high school coach wasn’t educated about baseball.

Q: What motivated you to become the Vice President of F.L.A.G. baseball league?

A: I started out as the Umpire in Chief after umpiring in the league since I was 13 years old. Halfway through my first season as Umpire in Chief, I began to help the President run the league. After the season ended, he nominated me to be the Vice President and I decided to accept the nomination to help promote youth baseball in my hometown and allow the kids to fall in love with the sport like I did when playing F.L.A.G.

Q: What does F.L.A.G. stand for?

A: It is an acronym for the towns in our league. Fairview, Lake City, and Girard.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the F.L.A.G organization?

A:  Growing the league each year, and seeing more kids play baseball. Also to improve the league for the best of F.L.A.G. Little League.

Q: What’s your advice to the youth starting to play baseball?

A: “Play the game, and just have fun.” – Mr. Samples