Interview with the Eye of the Hurricane Junior Editor, Sam Cwynar


Em Brightshue, Featured Writer


I recently had an opportunity to interview the Entertainment Editor of the Eye of The Hurricane. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Q: When did you join journalism?

A: 10th grade.

Q: What is your favorite article you’ve written so far?

A: My favorite article by far would have to be my interview with Mr. Zidow.

Q: What have you learned from journalism?

A: I learned how to be a man and to always finish my assignments on time.

Q: Why would you recommend journalism to other students?

A: Mr. Abraham is a great teacher and I have a really good time in class.

Q: What’re your plans for after high school?

A: I plan to attend SRU and become an English teacher.

Q: What other extra circular activities do you participate in?

A:  I play baseball, edit youtube videos, and work 2 jobs.

Q: What advice would you give to new journalism students?

A: Stay out of the cloud and meet your deadlines.

Enjoy your summer!!