Meet Senior JT Micco Class of 2019


JT Micco, Senior Editor

The very personable JT Micco will be joining the United States Air Force in the very near future and wanted to leave the class of 2020 some sound advice-    

 All of our lives we have been told to be successful that once you graduate you have to go to College. This is not the case at all times. College is not a bad choice after high school but you will amount mass amounts of debt if you have no scholarship money. If you choose to go to the Military they will pay for your school and you will gain many life experiences. I chose the Air Force because they have a community college on every base and I felt that was the easiest way to get a degree. I will be making money, living/eating for free, getting a free education and traveling the world these next four years. It would be smart to at least consider the armed forces it is an amazing opportunity that I believe everyone should take.