Facts or Fiction with Gibson: Chupacabra

Facts or Fiction with Gibson: Chupacabra

Logan Gibson, Feature Writer

A legendary creature roams the farms of North America, torturing the livestock, wild animals, and farmers. It is called Chupacabra. It sinks its tiny teeth into an unsuspecting victim and drinks its blood. Itś first sightings were reported in Puerto Rico, but have fluctuated into all parts of North America.

Some folks believe this tiny, vicious looking creature to just be a dog or a coyote, except photoshopped to look mythical, but studies with the National Geographic prove this theory to be different. Photos, such as this one posted above, are in fact not photoshopped and give some proof of this creature being true. This photo shows a small dog and kangaroo hybrid looking animals with a long tail and big ears.

This animal was first reported in Puerto Rico when eight sheep were discovered dead and completely drained of blood. Later, an eyewitness claimed to have spotted the chupacabra after more than 150 animals and even pets were discovered mysteriously dead.

Chupacabra is widely feared throughout North America by families with pets and farmers. It is believed by some to be a legend made up by folk in Puerto Rico and others believe this creature to be real. Whether this small creature is fact or fiction still remains UNSOLVED.