Mr. Fay Student Teacher Interview


Kaiden Mackey, Feature Writer

Recently, I interviewed Mr. Fay, a Social Studies student teacher from Slippery Rock University I asked Mr. Fay about his specific line of work, advice for students going into college, and other miscellaneous questions.

Q1: What grade do you believe is easiest to teach?

A: “10th graders because seniors don’t care because they’re almost done, that’s exactly how I thought in high school”

Q2: What advice do you have for students going into college who want to pursue teaching?

A: “Go to Slippery Rock and start studying immediately, no parties or anything”.

Q3: What about students going to college who don’t know what they want to do?

A: “Just wing it. Join a bunch of clubs and see what you like”

Q4: How do you view History?

A: “History is just one big TV  series that actually happened”

Q5: Could you imagine being in any other line of work?

A: “If I somehow managed to magically lose my teacher’s license, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else”

I hadn’t had any classes with Mr. Fay sadly, but from the seven minutes that I’ve spent with him, I got the vibe that he was somebody who was truly invested in teaching. Similar to another young teacher in our district, Mr. Lubin, Mr. Fay felt like a relatable personality that I had a lot of fun conversing with. Though he doesn’t wish to pursue teaching in this school district, I wish the best for Mr. Fay and hope he teaches for a long time.

Bonus Quote: “You journalists always fabricate quotes.” Huh, you don’t say Mr. Fay?