Brett Tyree: Interview Eye Of The Hurricane Staff (Feature Editor)


Charles Off, Extracurricular Writer

Brett Tyree is a journalist and editor for the Eye Of The Hurricane. I recently had the opportunity to interview him on his role for our digital newspaper.  Brett is currently a sophomore and plans on continuing his journalism career next year. 

Why did you enter journalism?: Abe recommended that I’d join journalism last year in 9th grade. He always told me about how excellent of a writer I was, and I had an extra every other day class to join, so I figured why not.

What is your favorite article you have written?: My favorite article I have written is my article about how New Castle can be recreated into an innovative city. The article is over 2000 words long, which is longer than most essays I’ve written. You can find Brett’s article in the Spring Edition of the Eye of the Hurricane.

Do you see journalism in your future?: I don’t see journalism as a future career for me. The job market for journalists is very suppressed at the moment, with very few openings. In addition, I don’t really want to necessarily write for a living, although I would do something similar on the side on my own time.

What do you plan on doing in the future?: In the future, I see some sort of engineering or design as a career. I am particularly interested in civil engineering design and urban planning, and would also look into land development. I have always been interested in designing things such as roads since I was in first grade. I am also interested in careers such as meteorology.

What does Abe stress as a journalist?:  The importance of “Deadlines and Headlines”-articles need to be edited and revised on time.  Always conduct yourself with a warrior attitude, do your best and you will never lose.

What hobbies are you interested in outside of school?: Outside of school, I am a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo. I love to travel, and am going to Utah, Nevada, and California this summer.

Do you participate in any other classes?: The only other elective I was able to fit in my schedule was robotics. Other than that I am in all honors courses.