Hayley’s Tips for Success: Preparing for College Class of 2020


Hayley Reno, Extracurricular Editor

I wanted to give the Class of 2020 some “tips” for preparing for their senior year, as well as, some proactive action recommendations for college preparation.

1.) Work hard to get good grades. Don’t procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get work done. Your senior grades won’t be on your transcript, but they are just as important and your other grades from the previous years. The college you will get accepted into will ask to see your semester grades from your senior year. They will get your senior grades printed and sen to them, along with your transcript.  Remember to focus!!

2.) Set up a calendar for the year. Use the calendar to record test dates, application deadlines, college visitation days, and more. It will be way easier for you to keep track of important things.

3.) Sign up for the SAT Or ACT. if you took them in your junior year (11th grade) and you are not satisfied with your scores, retake them. In order to reach your goal, you have to study. Keep trying and practicing online or in your SAT practice book (if you saved it from 11th grade).

4.) Complete college applications. You should know by the fall of your senior year what college(s) you want to attend to. Do well on your SAT and ACT. Work hard in your classes and enjoy being a senior while it lasts. Make sure you keep a copy of each completed application for your files. Be sure to also note or remember the date it was submitted. The colleges will contact you and let you know if you are accepted or not.

5.) Financial Aid. To apply for financial aid, have your parents complete the FAFSA and submit it as soon as possible.

6.) Applications. Make sure the information on the application is complete and accurate and that all of your awards, achievements, and activities are included. If you wrote an essay, get a person who you think is a professional to read over it.

7.) Recommendations. Applications require a letter of recommendation from either a counselor or a teacher. When you write a recommendation, you need to know 1. what information should be included, 2. when it needs to be completed, and 3. what to do with it once it is written. Make copies of a resume too. Even if an application does not require a recommendation, you can still include one.

8.) Deadlines. Make sure everything is completed and submitted before the deadline. Many colleges will not consider an application that is submitted after their deadline.