Hampton University

Danielle Vignovich, Extracirricular Writer

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Hampton University was founded in 1868 after the American War. Hampton is known for its amazing student body and Nursing program, it also has great student pride! My goal as a future Hampton Pirate is to join their well-known sorority, Alpha Kapa Alpha. This sorority is known to be home to many doctors, lawyers, and other inspiration-filled majors. Some famous alumni are Wanda Sykes, Mary Jackson, and radio personality, Dj Envy. My dream is to go and complete my first four years in pre-med and eventually move on into medical school at Howard University’s School of Anaesthesiology. I will hope to get accepted into the university Fall of ’21 and begin my journey into a life full of success. One day I want to see myself achieve every goal that I have placed upon myself.