Fast Facts with Mrs. Roe

Mrs. Tracy Roe is a Math teacher at New Castle Jr./Sr. High School.   I hope you enjoy these Fast Facts about Mrs. Roe.-Anna


Question:     Where did you graduate High School and what year?

Mrs. Roe:       “New Castle High School  in 1994”

Question:     Where did you go to college?

Mrs. Roe:        Slippery Rock State University

Question:     What activity did you do in High School?

Mrs. Roe:         Cheerleading was my favorite activity.  In addition, I was named  Captain.

Question:      Name three things to describe yourself?

Mrs. Roe:         Determined, outgoing, kind!

Question:     Are you married and do you have children?

Mrs. Roe:         I am married high school sweetheart Jimmy Roe and I have three children (Jimmy, Sara, Lauryn)

Question:     What are your hobbies?

Mrs. Roe:         I teach spinning classes at the Rack and I also enjoy running.

Question:     Are you involved in any community events?

Mrs. Roe:       Yes, for the past five years, I have organized the Kim Hooks Memorial Scholarship 5-K race in her memory.