Interview With Senior Gabe Perrotta


I recently had the opportunity to interview Gabe Perrotta and how she feels about her senior year being online. Gabe is in the National Honor Society, she takes all AP classes, and she is involved in Peer Leadership. Gabe likes to spend most of her time playing softball for the high school team, and she has also played club softball.  She has cheered all four years of her high school career. I hope you enjoy my article on Senior Gabe Perrotta! -Sarah Hunyadi

Question: How has senioritis affected you?
Perrotta: Luckily I haven’t gone through senioritis yet, but I know it’s coming. I feel like senioritis is the feeling of just wanting to graduate high school and go to college.

Question: What is the most challenging task as a senior?
Perrotta: I think the most challenging task is probably applying to colleges because a lot goes into it. You have to remember everything that you did in grades 9-12, so it gets pretty challenging trying to remember awards or titles you may have had in those four years.

Question: What are your thoughts about your senior year being online?
Perrotta: I would have never expected my senior year to be online, but I am trying to adjust to it every day. I hope we have the opportunity to go back in person so we are able to see our teachers that we’ve seen every day for the past four years. It is extremely sad to not be able to see the ones that helped shape us into who we are becoming. 

Question: Do you have any goals this year?
Perrotta: This is a hard one! I make many goals for myself every year that it’s hard to list them. My most important goal is probably trying to keep working hard in my classes and keep improving my GPA for colleges!

Question: What are your thoughts about Honors classes and AP classes? Are they easy?
Perrotta: I think both the honors and AP classes that are offered are great things to take to both challenge yourself and get ready for college. They definitely aren’t easy, but luckily we have amazing teachers that teach us the information in fun ways to help you remember and learn the material faster. 

Question: What is one highschool accomplishment you are most proud of? Why?
Perrotta: I think I am most proud of getting into the National Honor Society and Peer Leadership. I really enjoyed being in both of them because I was able to volunteer at numerous places and be more involved in the community.

Question: Are you planning on going off to college?  If not… then what?
Perrotta: I am planning to go to a four-year university and major in biology.

Question: What profession would you like to take on in the future?
Perrotta: I am still undecided about what doctor I want to become, but as of now I am interested in the field of optometry. 

Question: If you could go back to any grade, what grade would it be? Why?
Perrotta: I think I would go back to 7th grade because that was my first year back at New Castle. It was so new to switch classes every period and have such big classes. I went to a small private school, so coming here was a big change and it was so fun making so many new friends.

Question: What is your favorite subject? Why?
Perrotta: My answer to this question has always been the same, science. I have always been the most interested in science courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Question: Who is your favorite teacher?
Perrotta: This is too hard, I have had so many teachers that have impacted me in so many ways that I can’t name just one.

Question: What attracted you to play softball?
Perrotta: I was attracted to play softball by my dad who has always been involved in umpiring, coaching, and playing softball. I had always been around it with him and thought it looked fun to play. Eventually, when I tried playing, I fell in love and have been playing ever since.

Question: What position do you play in softball?
Perrotta: I play mostly outfield, a little bit of infield, and I pitch.

Question: What factors do you feel have influenced you the most to become the player you are today?
Perrotta: I think my coaches and teammates have influenced me the most because of everything they have taught me. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with multiple coaches who have each taught me something or helped me improve on what I already knew.

Question: What is your favorite softball memory?
Perrotta: I think my favorite softball memory was travel ball when I received an MVP ribbon for a hit that helped my team get started for the game.

Question: What club softball teams have you played on?
Perrotta: I have played for ROC Elite, Pittsburgh Spirit, and Keystone Kombat. I have also guest played on Tri-City Thunder and played for New Wilmington’s team this past summer.

Question: What influenced you to become a cheerleader?
Perrotta: I was influenced by one of my best friends, Rachel, who thought it would be fun to cheer together.

Question: How long have you been cheering for?
Perrotta: I have been cheering for about 10 years. I participated in peewee cheerleading when I was younger and then I started cheering again in 9th grade and stuck with it until now.

Question: What is your favorite memory of cheering at Taggart Stadium?
Perrotta: I don’t think I have just one favorite memory because every game is fun to watch and cheer for my friends on the team.

Question: How has COVID-19 affected your high school softball team and your cheerleading team?
Perrotta: COVID-19 affected both softball and cheerleading this year in many ways. For starters, my junior season in softball was canceled altogether, so I did not get to play any games. Luckily, I got to finish the cheerleading season in my junior year, but my senior year was a little different. We had a late start to practicing and since football season was cut short, we didn’t get to cheer at that many games this year.

Question: What are your thoughts about COVID-19?
Perrotta: I think it is a very real thing that nobody is taking seriously. I just hope people continue to wear masks and stay safe so we can one day go back to a sense of normality in the world.

Question: How has COVID-19 affected you personally?
Perrotta: It has affected me personally in many ways. Luckily, no one in my family contracted the virus, so I’m happy about that. It mostly affected my schedule and being able to see my friends. My travel softball season was not exactly shorter, but I was not able to have any practices due to the guidelines in the state, so it was a little different going straight into tournaments.

Question: Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?
Perrotta: My advice for the incoming freshmen would be to cherish the time you have in high school because your  senior year comes way too fast.

“Enjoy your time in high school, it goes by way too fast… never wish it away” -Gabe Perrotta (Class of 2021, EOH Senior Editor)