Why Parents Should Not Let Their Child Play Violent Video-Games

Why Parents Should Not Let Their Child Play Violent Video-Games

Marissa Jackson, Author

We all have heard of video games before and maybe we have all played them.  I think kids should not be allowed to play violent video games. Parents should try to let their kids enjoy other things instead of getting them to get addicted to a TV screen at a young age. Here are a few reasons to consider choosing a more positive activity to do, other than playing video games!


  • Violent video games have a lot of curse words and foul language. 
  • Violent video games can be gruesome. 
  • Your child could be highly influenced by what she/he is playing. 
  • Your child can show more aggressive behavior. 
  • They may become numb to violence. 
  • Video games may create poor social skills. 
  • Video games take time away from family. 
  • Video games take time away that your child could be spending outside. 
  • They have school work and other hobbies they can be doing. 
  • Video games could lower grades in school
  • Video games could give children aggressive thoughts 
  • Your child could become overweight 
  • Your child can become addicted to video-games
  • Video games can increase activity in the brain regions associated with anxiety and emotional reactions 

There are many reasons why younger children shouldn’t play violent video games. Video games can affect anyone at any age in many ways. Video games are very addicting and can change behavior for anyone. Thank you for reading Canes!