Gonzales on Gonzales: Senior Edition


Hailey Gonzales, Feature Writer

Every year, writers for Eye of the Hurricane do a Senior Edition. However, the school has closed for the year making it difficult to do them. So, for my senior edition writing, I decided to interview my sister, Abby Gonzales. Abby Gonzales ran track, cross country is a part of the student council, and is a straight A student.  I hope you enjoy the interview-Hailey

Q: Favorite sport you participated in and why?

Abby: Track, I liked that I was able to create a very family-like bond with my teammates. 

Q: If you could change one decision you made in high school, what would it be?

Abby: Not cherishing school activities. Having a lot of them taken away from me during my senior year made me realize that I miss them a lot.

Q: Hardest class you ever took?

Abby: Honors Calculus 

Q: Favorite high school memory?

Abby: My Junior Prom! 

Q: Will you miss any teachers? If so, who?

Abby: Yes, all of them. They all impacted my life differently!

Q: Biggest obstacle in high school?

Abby: Learning to balance my mental health with the school. It took me a while but I eventually found good coping methods that worked for me. 

 Q: Favorite class you ever took?

Abby: Spanish!

Q: What will you miss most about high school?

Abby: The friendships I created with teachers and other students.

Q: What are your plans for after high school?

Abby: Attend YSU to study nursing. 

Q: Finally, if you could give advice to high school students now and in the future, what would you say?

Abby: Never let school stress you out too much, as long as you try your best it’ll always fall into place. Don’t stress too much over one bad grade, or one bad day there will be many more to make up for it. Also always focus on your mental health as well. Never let school consume you so much that you aren’t worried about your own well being.