Top 10 Items to Receive in Your Easter Basket!


Anthony Miller , Author

It’s about that time of year again Canes! Easter is right around the corner, and with Easter comes some really awesome chocolates, candies, toys, and fun stuff. I decided that I would rank the top 10 candy/items to receive in your Easter basket this year! 

  1. Easter Pop Fidget Toy

  2. LEGO Easter Chick

  3. Reeses Easter Egg Cup

  4. Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

  5. Kit Kat Egg 

  6. Solid Hershey Easter Bunny 

  7. Birkenstock Sandals

  8. Sunflower seeds for baseball season!

  9. Easter Egg DoubleBubble gum

  10. Easter Egg Chapstick

There are many great options to choose from when stuffing an Easter Basket, but these would be my ten 10 personal favorites. Let me know what your favorite items are! Thanks for reading Canes! Have a Happy Easter!