The Impact Teachers Can Have On Students – Teacher Appreciation Week 2023


Carlee Miller, Author

Do you like learning? Learning can be hard, tedious, and boring when you don’t have the right mindset. Studies show that teachers have an impact on that mindset. Christi Bergin, Associate Dean and research professor in the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology at the University of Michigan and senior author of the study said that “students are more likely to learn when they feel cared for and valued by their teacher.” It is proven that positive relationships between students and their teachers change the student’s behavior.

Teachers not only impact students’ learning skills, but they are also capable of raising their self-esteem. This ties hand-in-hand with learning. Being able to foster students’ confidence will improve their motivation to learn. 83% of people said that their teacher helped to improve their confidence. 87% of students said they wished they would have told their teachers how much they appreciated their impact. 88% of people said their teacher had a positive impact on their lives after they graduated.

Statistics show that teachers will influence over 3,000 students during their careers. That’s a lot of kids. 54% of students say a teacher helped them during a difficult time. Sometimes, kids don’t have someone at home they can go to and ask for help. 75% of students say their teachers are mentors to them.

To sum this article up, teachers are impactful and have a great influence on students. Even in ways you may not realize! Let’s appreciate our teachers!! Thanks for reading!