Kingdom Hearts 3

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Mark Hawkins, Technology Writer

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The long waited new edition to the Kingdom Hearts Saga has finally come! That’s right, Kingdom Hearts has finally been announced for good this time. In the past, we heard square enix state its coming and finally, about 11 years later, it’s back. Kingdom hearts 3 has showed up everywhere now, for those of you with a subscription to Game Informer may have seen as it was announced at E3. In this new saga, we once again have the opportunity to play as Sora. (it’s rumored to be able to play as other characters too) There are some of the worlds you’ve seen before, but there’s more like Wreck it Ralph, Big Hero 6, Tangled, and last but certainly not least, TOY STORY! Yes, they finally put in the long awaited world of Toy Story, and when the trailer dropped, this was the most we’ve seen out of any of the worlds. Drive is also back, but in a different way than Kingdom Hearts 2. Also, you may see some familiar stuff from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 2.8 like the shot lock commands and the new blizzard magic.


The new story of this long awaited game basically is like the rest of Kingdom Hearts… No just kidding. No new development on the story have been released, but the way Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance ended we can guess it’s about saving Aqua Terra and Venus(the main protagonist in Birth by Sleep) from their unwanted prison. The job of saving Aqua in the Land of Darkness will be to Riku and King Mickey with the mission given to them by Yen Sid. We can also just guess that saving Ventus from his slumber will be left to Sora (we can guess Donald and Goofy) considering Ven is in Sora’s heart while his is being fixed. Sadly, I have no idea who is going to save Terra from Xeanort who possessed his body. At least that’s what I believe.



Most worlds are still unknown but we think that its going to be the usual ones but theres more new ones that consist of wreck it Ralph, tangled, big hero 6, and finally toy story! Yes you read right square enix has finally brought the pixar film that every one knows toy story. Toy story was the most seen at E3 making crowds cheer with excitement. it starts with seeing a toy Sora, Donald and Goofy in Andy’s room after taking out a numerous heartless you are united with woody buzz Hamm and sarge.


Keyblades and Drive form

the key-blades which are the main weapon of the game are back and of course the first key-blade in the game of use is the famous kingdom key soras first key-blade. of course the others are back like oblivion and oath-keeper plus others but there is a twist that involve the drive form. The twist is the different key-blade you have equipped is the drive form itself the key-blade will transform and become a even more powerful weapon  mixing with drive it seems amazing! there also is the shot-lock command that returns from kingdom hearts birth by sleep speaking of which if you seen or even played Birth by sleep 2.8 you see the blizzard that actually freezes enemy’s and leaves you a trail you can ride well guess what that same blizzard is back!


In conclusion i believe this kingdom hearts looks absolutely amazing and is worth the lion g wait for it to finally be dropped so i fi was you save money and be prepared to pre-order it for 2018 theres not much left to do with it only a few fixes here and there and get it to english voice actors hopefully the voices will be the same as the last game.